[New] Event Emails

Let’s say you would like to see all the emails that were sent concerning an event. No you can. If you view the information page for an event, a new section has been added to show all emails for an event. Click on the link to read the email.

Screenshot 2015-05-06 22.31.54If you have a user that signs up late for an event, they can see all the communications that were sent. No need to send a bunch of emails to get them caught up on what has been previously sent.



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[New] Introducing Email Groups

Do you like group lists in your email? Well now you can do the same in Scoutt.in. It works just like you would expect.

In the Communications menu, there is an Email Groups option. Select it to see the list of groups available to your unit (Pack/Troop/Crew). Or create a new group.

Screenshot 2015-04-09 15.41.07


Screenshot 2015-04-09 15.43.51


When you send a new email message, there is now a Groups options where you can  select the group of emails you would like to send to.

Screenshot 2015-04-09 15.46.33


Pretty simple.


Email groups are smart lists! If you add an adult or scout to an email group, it will only send email to those users who have elected to receive email messages in their user settings. So you may have users in your group that either don’t have an email address (like some Scouts), or the user has turned off email. If, in the future a users in a group turns on email, then the next message you send to that group will also include them.

Be aware that if you create a new group, everyone in your unit (Pack/Troop/Crew) will be able to see and use that group.


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[Update] Better Date and Time Display

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a website better. Today’s update includes a new way to display dates and times. Yes, it’s subtle, but we think it’s more clear and follows the Google Calendar method of times and ranges.

Here are a couple of examples of the new date formats.

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 3.06.44 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 3.08.02 PM

The day of the week is now displayed. Year is only displayed when viewing dates outside the current year. And times are shortened (11:00am -> 11am) when it makes sense. Also, the display of time ranges, items with a start and end date, will shorten when the range is on a single date.

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[New] The New Face of Signups

Signups needed an overhaul! Face it, the Scoutlander way of handling signups seems simple at first, but it is often confusing and not natural or logical. Lumping a signup under a single Scout just doesn’t make sense.


Now, each person, adult and Scout, has a separate signup. When you signup your Scout, you can no longer specify additional adults or siblings. Just the Scout is added to the roster. If an adult is also attending, then they will have a separate signup.

Adults can signup and specify additional children. Only adults that are in Scoutt.in can signup. For cases when non-registered adults will be going on an event, you can just add their name in the comments.

Sounds confusing, but when you use it, it makes more sense than the old Scoutlander way. Simple is better.

Quick Signup

Signup is much easier. When you view an event that requires signup, you will see a Quick Signups section on the right side. One-click buttons can signup and cancel. Color makes it easy to see who is signed up at a glance.

Signup Details

Details about signpus are now hidden until you click the Show Signup Details button below Quick Signups. So, if you need to specify that you need a ride, or are driving, or add a comment, you can do that here.

Clicking will show/hide:

Signup Roster

The signup roster that displays after the event information is now simpler, more compact, and will show the tally of Scouts/Adults/Children going. It now displays the health form status for adults.

Signup in Emails

One of the best things about Scoutt.in is the ability to signup for an event with one click in emails. Even better, signups via email are now reduced to simple buttons.


Because all existing signups had to be converted to the new format, there may be some errors. For 95% of existing signups, it will most likely convert correctly. If you find a mistake, namely you see an adult signed up for an event and it’s the wrong person, just correct it. No need to report the error.


I hope you enjoy the changes.

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[New] Scoutt.in Supports SPDY

This one is for you geeks… Scoutt.in now supports the SPDY protocol.

The TL;DR is Scoutt.in is now snappier!

A few years ago, Google created the SPDY (pronounced speedy) protocol to make web pages even faster. It does some compression and reduces latency. You can read more details on the SPDY Wikipedia page.

The SPDY protocol requires that servers use TLS in order to enhance their security. Scoutt.in uses SSL/TLS to secure all web traffic. Ok, we don’t really use SSL any more because it is no longer considered secure. We use TLS. In fact, we flat out disabled SSL. TLS is the new SSL.

So, since Scoutt.in requires all pages to use TLS, it was a simple matter of just turning on the SPDY protocol on our servers. Free speed.

Check out this chart to see if your browser supports SPDY. If it doesn’t, may we suggest Firefox or Chrome.

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[Update] More Speed

Added a nice speedup today. When viewing the Event List (also the landing page when you first sign in), more items on the page are cached. In fact, pretty much everything you see on that page is now severed from the cache.

Caching makes Scoutt.in faster because the servers don’t have to use the database to lookup information. Caching keeps often utilized information in RAM where it can access it almost instantly.

Also, relative times (those ‘2 months ago’ words) are now generated in your browser so that the servers don’t have to do that expensive calculation. This increases speed as well.


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[New] Health Form Coordinators

By popular request (yes, we really listen to our users) you can now set Health Form Coordinators.

Edit your unit (Troop/Pack/Crew) settings. Only users with a role of ‘Admin’ can edit unit settings.

Screenshot 2015-02-25 16.44.12


In the Health Form Coordinators section, you can enter the name of any adult to have the ability to edit and delete health form dates.

Screenshot 2015-02-25 16.44.29

You can select as many names as you like.

Or you can enter no names. If left blank, then only users with a role of ‘Admin’ will be able to edit health forms.

Adults can see their health form dates, as well as their related Scouts. Scouts can only see their own health form dates. Unless you are a health form coordinator or admin, you can not see other’s health form dates.

Important: Scoutt.in never stores actual health form information, only dates the forms were signed and submitted. BSA strongly discourages storing health form information digitally.

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[New] Event Printing

Just added the ability to print information about events. Pretty simple. click the ‘Print’ button or ‘Print’ in the Actions menu, and you will see a version of the event that is perfect for printing.

Screenshot 2015-02-19 17.41.28



And you will see:

Screenshot 2015-02-19 17.43.00

You just click the ‘Print’ green button, and it prints. The buttons and gray bar at the top do not print.

Leaders and Event Organizers

You will see a slightly different view if the event requires signup. Below the event information you will see the roster of people attending the event. But, it gets even better… it will also print all the emergency contact info for each Scout, along with the health form status (up-to-date or not) and ACF (activity consent form) status.

Perfect for the event organizers and leaders!

Screenshot 2015-02-19 17.38.39

Everyone Else

You will just see the event information.

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